Ring Sizer

Ring Sizer

£1.50 - £3.50

Order the correct size of ring with this industry standard finger measure.

If you'd like to buy and keep the sizer go ahead and make the 'keep it ' purchase, but if you want to find your perfect size and have no further use for it, have a shot and send it back.

Buy this ring sizer for £3.50 or borrow it for £1.50

I will send out the ring sizer in the 1st class post with a return label and postage. This is a good way to reduce waste and feel good about saving the planet, one smal piece of plastic at a time!

Ring Sizer Image 2
Gold Tourmailine Necklace
Maya Gold Drops
Blue Tourmaline Crystal Pendant
Silver Tourmaline Crystal Ring
Juliette Necklace
Maya Ring
Gold Silver Bar Studs
Fortune Charm Necklace
Gold Stud Earrings
Cleo Necklace
Gold Star Earrings
Carabiner Necklace
Family Ring Set
Mother and Child Ring Set
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