Goldie Necklace

Goldie Necklace


The Goldie Necklace Is a beautiful bar necklace made from 9ct Eco gold set with three salt and pepper diamonds.

It is hand formed, polished and set with beautiful ethically mined stones and decorated with a beautiful milled edge to give it extra sparkle.

It hangs on a stunning 16" diamond cut trace chain.

I make each piece to order in my traditional jewellery workshop in the Sidlaw Hills in Angus. By making to order I can control waste and minimise the impact to the planet. All my packaging is paper based and recyclable.

Goldie Necklace measures:

18mm x 3.5mm Bar
3 x 1.5mm Salt and pepper diamonds
16" Diamond cut trace chain

Goldie Necklace Image 2 Goldie Necklace Image 3 Goldie Necklace Image 4
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