I started my business in 2007 in London supplying art gallery shops and boutiques with my tea set inspired jewellery and gifts .  I was lucky enough to supply the Saatchi Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery,  Selfridges and many more fantastic stores with my collections.

Nowadays I have a studio in the beautiful Sidlaw Hills in Angus, Scotland where I watch my two beautiful girls playing in the garden whilst I make up my orders. 

I make easy to wear jewellery and heart warming home decor.

My latest collection of jewellery is minimal and geometric; it spans the generations and it is very comfortable and easy to wear....what more could a woman want really? The latest collection is based around simple shapes. I look to find delicate colours and combine them with contrasting geometrics to make striking pieces that are simple but interesting.

I design and make everything myself. This means an idea can come from a scrap of paper in the morning and be transformed into a final piece of jewellery later that day. 

It is important to me that everything is made in-house. Combining in-house design and manufacture means all my products are individual to me, it also gives me peace of mind that the carbon footprint of my collection is minimal.