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plate stand


this stand will be a great help in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. it is the perfect holder for your party nibbles and dip. your mascara, blusher and eye liner. your hair bands, kerbies and brushes, or your rings, earrings, brooches and necklaces.

it is made from a side plate, saucer and cup, all from different sets but perfectly combined to make a lovely piece to display your bits and bobs or just to look pretty about the home.

each stand is hand made in scotland with vintage fine bone china. because the stands are made from odd crockery each piece will be different.

if you require a particular colour way please get in touch and specify whether you would like, a pink set, rose set, gold set or whatever particular colour way you need for your room's colour scheme. otherwise you will receive a stand from my current collection.

each stand is made from 2 plates and 1 cup. the handle is gold coloured metal. the stand comes flat with instructions for easy assembly - it's very easy, honestly.

the sizes vary but are around 22cm across the base plate and 34cm high