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Black And White Stacking Rings

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  • 2 Black - £30.00
  • 2 white - £30.00
  • 1 Black, 1 White - £30.00
  • 1 Black, 1 Half Black - £30.00
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The black and white stacking rings are pretty, delicate and are very easy to wear.

You can choose the finish on these rings. You can have 2 black, 2 white, one of each, one black and one half and half. Its completely up to you!

The Oxidised finish will age with time and wear, polishing the metal to a silver shine. If you would like your item re-blackened please get in touch.

Made from sterling silver in a small workshop in the Sidlaw Hills in Angus, Scotland. These rings are made using traditional silver smithing techniques by heating and forming Sterling silver wire.